Bullet Run is a free-to-play online multiplayer first person shooter developed by Acony Games and published by Sony Online Entertainment in 2012. Utilizing Unreal Engine 3 the game features a reality TV game show and provides contestants with a wide variety of locations that ensure entertaining gameplay and appealing visuals. One of these locations is shown in the above video.

As Lead Level Designer I was responsible for:

  • Directing and managing a level design department and working closely with multi-disciplinary development teams to ensure the establishment of the game vision within the levels.
  • Providing map layouts and defining their flow.
  • Outlining Level Design Guidelines
  • Delivering levels within a predefined timeframe, quality and budget.
  • Defining, introducing, implementing and maintaining the level creation process in collaboration with the art director.
  • Ensuring performance specifications are met by coordinating and overseeing the collaboration between the LD department, tech artists and programmers.
  • Evaluating Level Design related tools and technology (Beast vs. Lightmass / Unreal Engine updates)
  • Cooperating closely with the Game Design department in designing and prototyping gamemodes
  • Defining requirements for level design specific editor updates and external tools (example: Heat Map Tool to visualize and analyze gameplay behaviour).
  • Developing a shooting range level including the prototyping of in-game mechanics and player interaction via Kismet (Unreal Engine 3 Script Tool).


The following video is a gameplay trailer introducing the Search and Destroy gamemode on the "Vault" level.

The video below is a showreel by my colleague Mikhail Kadikov showcasing some of the other Bullet Run levels.

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2013 Mark Mussler